DOMINION RISING: Pre-order live at iBooks for $0.99

My next novel is going to be one of 22 novels packaged together in Dominion Rising, a box set of Fantasy and Science Fiction novels. Here is our cover, list of authors and book description (as much as one can with that kind of variety). Description: Find the Science Fiction and Fantasy reads you’ve been […]

Audiobook Review: THE NIGHT PARADE by Ronald Malfi (Narr. Tom Taylorson)

Ronald Malfi is one of the best. My original thought after finishing this book is that Malfi is one of the best horror authors out there, partly because of how he is able to creatively expand the limits of horror, but really, “horror” doesn’t feel like an adequate qualifier for his work. I feel others […]

Making Reading Fun Again

It’s been twenty two years since a friend handed me his copy of Dragons of Autumn Twilight–twenty two years since I fell in love with Fantasy books and a more adult form of reading appreciation. It’s been ten years since another friend handed me Ender’s Game, and showed me his book shelf full of Dune […]

October is for #Scifi – Free and $0.99 deals

After writing a post-apocalyptic fantasy set in Iowa, my next book is riding the wave of fun scifi. I don’t know if I had too much time spent in the caves outside of Denver in my Scavenger books, then in the Abyss of Godsknife, but I’ve needed a breather. My Scavenger: Evolution book is part […]

J.L. Doty on Lasers, FTL travel, and The Thirteenth Man

Welcome to, J.L. Doty, author of the new novel, The Thirteenth Man, from Impulse, a division of Harper Voyager. Spanning the galaxy, The Thirteenth Man (E-ISBN: 9780062562081, on sale 08/23/2016, $3.99; ISBN: 9780062562104, $7.99) blends the best traditions of space opera and military sci-fi into a non-stop adventure that’s as much Patrick O’Brien as […]