12 Days of Creepfest: What are your favorite holiday traditions?

My wife and I have only been married for about two and a half years, and we don’t really have many decorations. Two years ago we used a Charlie Brown tree and had no ornaments, then last year we had no tree because I didn’t want to spend the money for a new one. Well, this year she found one for a dollar at a garage sale. She asked for some ornaments from her secret santa program at work and so now we have a tree with decorations. It’s nice to start building traditions into our young family and looking forward to the many more in the years to come.

What kind of traditions do you have with your family or friends this time of year?

Meaningful comments are entries into the $5 Amazon card or ebook of your choice less than or equal to $5. Thanks for stopping by my 12 Days of Creepfest. I know, talking Christmas trees is very creepy…

Sometimes a simple night of hanging decorations and shopping for hooks so you don't have to tie string on the ends is a memorable date night.

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  1. My Tim & I have only been married a year, but he inherited me & the kids, and I inherited ornaments! We add more every year. Although he’s new to this, I can already tell he is loving the sentimental journey of reliving memories from years past. We bought a Baby’s First Christmas ornament this year! 🙂 He got a coffee ornament last year, although this year he’s switched to tea for his health. It’s the little stuff like that I enjoy the most. 🙂

  2. As I remember back on the many Christmas’s past, what really sticks in my memory are the people that I am not with this year. I have laughed, cryed, sat back and watched in total enjoyment, while the gift paper flew. But all in all never had a bad Christmas, well except that one year I bought my boys an electric train set…that was the only gift…too my surprise after putting it together the darn thing wouldn’t work. So lesson learned there, don’t buy a train set at Walmart. I loved surprising my boys when Santa was the ONE and the look on their angelic little faces when they saw all the presents! Candle light service at the Methodist Church in Fort Dodge, Iowa, with Freddie, Adaline, Kathy and I made it Christmas for our family. Then having a great meal with all the rest of the family visiting and playing games. This year will be different traditions, other loved ones traditions to give a try, I might just like them too.

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      Thanks for sharing, Mom. I don’t even remember the train set Christmas. I remember catching on to your Santa antics one year…I also remember so many awesome gifts. Christmas morning was always a blast. I remember picking out trees, decorating with boxes from the attic, movies popcorn and hot chocolate. Great memories. Merry Christmas, Mom.

  3. My biggest Christmas tradition is probably baking. I have 3 brothers & 1 sister and each one has their own favorite cookie or treat. Somehow I took up the responsibility of baking for everyone, so I gather all the ingredients and send out teaser emails with photos of their baked cookies in preparation for our big family dinner.

    This year we also started a new tradition. My mom is Mexican, so instead of another turkey, we had an all Mexican food feast! I think that tradition will stick 🙂

    Thanks for the contest!

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      My pleasure, thanks for stopping by and sharing about yourself, Mary. My wife would love emails like that. She made sure at our family Christmas a few days ago that her mom knew how disappointed she was in the selections of sweets. After all, that’s half the reason she went 😉

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