Saturday Spotlight: Bobby Conroy Comes Back From the Dead by Joe Hill

This is another five star story from the zombie anthology, The Living Dead. What I enjoyed most about this story was the deep connection with the characters. Bobby is a self-admitted failure, both as an actor, and as a lover. When he meets his old high school flame at a Romero film where they’re both working as zombie extras, the skeletons in his closet come back to life. The wit between him and his old fling shows impressive comedic writing, and the description was well done so as to keep everything real and balanced. I shared in his emotional experience of recognizing how he failed his past love, and the angst between them as they realized the time had passed to get a second chance.

No interview with Joe for this Saturday Spotlight, though to my fault, I didn’t even ask. He’s got a new book out, “Horns,” which has an excerpt on his website. If I read that, maybe I can get a podcast interview with him.

As I read through Joe’s website, I saw a link to a post featuring him on Tumblr that shows his office. It’s worth taking a look because he has some great ideas for decorating a writer’s office. Personally, mine is too messy to really bother, but if I made it up, it would have similar ideas like random zombie figurines and framed book covers. Cool stuff.

As part of my 12 Days of Creepfest questions, today I’ll ask: “What are some five star short stories, anthologies, or short story authors that you’ve read?”

Again, all meaningful comments are entries into the $5 Amazon card or ebook of your choice under $5 as part of the Creepfest contest.

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  2. Basement Blues and Other Stories by Janet Sked
    Sam by Lisa McCourt Hollar
    The Nightmare Project by Stacey Turner
    Monsters are Made by Rob Miller
    Mr. Jingle by T.K. Millin
    Author Amy O Rizo

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      Cool, thanks for the suggestions, Tabitha. I haven’t read any of those. I saved Jason’s short story he has on his website. I used to think everything I wrote would be a long novel (after my first two serious projects became 115k novels), but I’m learning how to write flash fiction now, so anything’s possible. This is in reference to Jason’s comment about you not thinking he could write anything less than a 200k novel (tongue in cheek, I’m sure).

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