12 Days of Creepfest: What are you researching?

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Between writing today, I read some of Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne. I’m thinking about making one of my next writing projects a journal entry style, and wanted to see how J.L. did it. His is one of my favorite zombie stories, and I wanted to see how the journal format was a help or even a hindrance to that. I’m going to save my observations for a post dedicated to this sometime after this blog tour is over.

So, the question today is, “What are you researching?” I’d like to know what my friends are researching to see what we have in common and maybe join heads someday to maximize our research.

As per the tour contest, all meaningful comments will be an entry towards a $5 Amazon gift card. A winner will be chosen the day after the tour ends (Christmas).

My other questions posed in this contest:
How do you overcome the fear of the blank page?
What are some five star short stories, anthologies, or short story authors that you’ve read?
What are your favorite holiday traditions?
What kind of podcasts do you like?
What do you think about journal fiction?

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  2. What I’m researching really depends on which story I am working on, but my latest obsession seems to be superstitions. I’ve been gathering ideas and putting a horror twist on them.

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