12 Days of Creepfest: What were your worst nightmares?

I just stopped by one of our fellow #Creepfest bloggers, Axel Howerton, who has a post up featuring Jason McKinney, author of Dog World, a Werewolf Apocalypse novel, and Memoirs of the Walking Dead. I commented how excited I am to read that book (I’m currently reading like 5 books, so what’s one more, right?), and how I used to have recurring nightmares of Michael Landon from Highway to Heaven turning into a werewolf and chasing me. My mom says I used to wake up from my naps saying that the big-nosed monster was in my dreams again. Weird. I don’t remember what that was all about. Now my nightmares are zombie related, or work related. The other night, I had a nightmare that my part time job as a limo driver called at midnight saying I was supposed to pick up Judge Judy and was late. Again, I have no idea.

What were some of your worst nightmares?

As part of the 12 Days of Creepfest tour, I’m giving away a $5 Amazon gift card to a random commenter who has left a meaningful comment on my website during the tour. The winner will be announced the day after the tour ends, which is Christmas day.

Here are the other topics for discussion I’ve posed during this tour:
How do you celebrate a job well done?
What are you researching?
How do you overcome the fear of the blank page?
What are some five star short stories, anthologies, or short story authors that you’ve read?
What are your favorite holiday traditions?
What kind of podcasts do you like?
What do you think about journal fiction?

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  1. When I was about 5 I dreamed I was in a grocery store that was being taken over by aliens. I was hiding in the aisles and the aliens were trying to make me come out by roasting my mother alive. It was so vivid and to this day the scariest dream I have ever had.

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      Wow, no kidding, Tabitha. That would stick with me too. I had a dream a few months ago about a department store filling up with zombies and I was with my wife, but she didn’t want to run. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh yes the big nosed monster was one that haunted you many times Tim. Not sure where that came from. At that time we lived in a big house on a popcorn farm in Iowa. My worst nightmare was being chased by a grizzley bear…they have big noses…but that’s not the scarey part, it’s not being able to run fast enough when the teeth and claws get ahold of you..time to wake up!

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