From the Archives: AudioTim 16: Michael J. Sullivan and Robin Sullivan on Theft of Swords

A combination of relevant topics came to mind this morning that led me to post this podcast. The first was reading the Justin Macumber Author Spotlight over at my favorite new podcast, the Roundtable Podcast, and how one of his top four books is Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis. If you’ve seen my Twitter profile, you’ll notice that I have the cover I’m familiar with from that book as my background. It is there because that book is my genesis into Fantasy literature, and the nostalgia of reading that book is still strong to this day. What in the world does this have to do with posting my interview with Michael? Well, his book Theft of Swords is my most recent, favorite Fantasy book. If I could be the one that points people to his book for the first time, and share some role with your joy of reading that book, or even Fantasy in general, then this measly post is well worth my time. Plus, this interview is one of my favorites, and has a ton of great ideas about writing and Fantasy literature past and present.

Michael is also one of the nominees for the Independent Book Bloggers Award, which you can vote on (HERE). In my research for my interview with Michael, I read through a handful of posts on his blog, and must say that he has some excellent writing advice on there. Michael is also a very humble guy, and when you combine that humility with the quality of his stories, you can’t help but root for the guy’s success. If he wins this award, the IBBA will send him to New York for the ceremony, something he sounds pretty excited for. I’d rather his wife, Robin, lock him in his room to write more books, but I suppose he needs to get out sometimes ;).

In the interview, Michael summarizes some of these blog posts, and elaborates on them per my questions:
Applied Description
Dealing with Failure
Sculpting Language
Combining the Real and the Unreal
and finally, A Reason to Read

My last reason for thinking of posting this interview is because in my switch from hosting my podcasts on Posterous to this website, the itunes store doesn’t have episodes 23 and earlier. I don’t mind if you don’t listen to the earliest ones, but this one is a definite keeper. You can read more about my discovery of Theft of Swords on my Saturday Spotlight post, including a link to the free, short story prequel, The Viscount and the Witch, which I guess I just gave you.

You can subscribe to my podcast on iTunes (HERE). You are also free to share this promo taken from a two minute quote from Michael’s interview. Music is brought to you by Nalle, “New Roots” from

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