AudioTim 32: Hugh Howey, Author of Wool Omnibus

Welcome to the first part of two podcasts with Hugh Howey. In this first part, Hugh and I discuss his breakout series, Wool Omnibus. We take a few questions from readers off of Twitter, and even hear a little bit about his zombie story, I, Zombie. (Check out his video of reading an excerpt live.) After the main part of the interview, I explain a little about the Wool t-shirt giveaway, and then spliced in one of the Twitter questions that led to a spoiler. So, if you haven’t read this amazing set of stories, you can still listen to this interview, then duck out for the last part (after the t-shirt giveaway mention by Hugh).

The second podcast has aired, (AudioTim 33), and is an Indie Publishing panel discussion with Hugh and Robin Sullivan, Publisher at Ridan Publishing who helped manage Michael J. Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations series. Their unique experiences going from self-published to literary stardom makes this upcoming podcast one you shouldn’t miss. I like this episode too, because Hugh has some great insight into the story of Wool, the characters behind the story (without spoilers) and why so many people loved reading it. I elaborate more on why I loved Hugh’s book on my book review.

T-Shirt Giveaway

Unfortunately, the giveaway is now over. The good news is we have an awesome new shirt to choose from among the Cafe Press Wool Catalog. Thanks to Jason for his winning entry, and everyone else. That was a tough competition. As you can see, Hugh has some Wool t-shirts up at his CafePress store. There are some great options, and as Hugh said, he’s priced them as low as he can.

Thanks to those who sent in questions on Twitter, you did a great job adding to the show!

Jack Danger Canty ‏ @jackdanger: @timothycward Also: I want to hear about Hugh’s take on grief, grieving and what it takes to kill a beloved character. /cc @hughhowey

Andy Sherwood ‏ @xinmyname: @timothycward For Hugh: Have you optioned WOOL as a movie yet? Will Joss Whedon direct?
— Sorry Andy, I forgot about this one. We talk about his movie option a little in the next podcast (next Wednesday)

Scott Roche ‏ @spiritualtramp: @timothycward @hughhowey Is each one of “Wool”s episodes a complete story arc on its own?

Roundtable Podcast ‏ @WritersPodcast: @timothycward @hughhowey Was Wool ALWAYS going to be a series? If not, when did you realize it would be?

If anyone is skilled at building a wiki page, Hugh has a Wikipedia site that could use some help.

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19 Responses to AudioTim 32: Hugh Howey, Author of Wool Omnibus

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  2. Trying this again. Had trouble with the website from work.

    Hugh told me about this contest, after I mentioned a bumpersticker/T-shirt slogan idea. So here it is, based on the “xxxx do it with yyyy” sayings out there:

    “CLEANERS do it with a WOOL pad… but only once!”

  3. How about just a simple t-shirt with the upside down numbers on it? Kinda like what we see on the cover of WOOL 2 & 3. I’m sure other people will ask questions about the shirt when I’m wearing it and it’ll give me a chance to tell them about WOOL!

  4. Got a couple of ideas for t-shirts. The first would say “I Love (Heart) WOOL (the book not the fabric). The second kind of goes along with one of the shirts already available, except this is going in a different direction: WOOL–Erase The Past. The last one is a little tongue in cheek, and it would look like this: –SILO 18–Help Wanted: Sheriff — Qualifications: Conformist — WOOL. Thanks for the giveway.

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  6. Profile Cover Art

    Okay, we have a winner folks…

    Jason Wilhoit’s idea of: I Love “heart” Wool (the book, not the fabric)

    You guys came up with some great ideas, and it was hard to choose. I think his does the best job of creating curiosity like questions “What’s that book about?” Because, really, what would a book called “Wool” be about, or at least be interesting enough that someone would love it? I’ll be in contact with you, Jason, and get your details to send you the shirt, and get this shirt into the CafePress store for others.

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