AudioTim 35: Robin Sullivan on Riyria Revelations’ Orbit Experience

Robin discusses her and Michael’s experience selling Riyria Revelations through Orbit after already having great success self-publishing through Ridan Publishing. It’s really a great study in how self-published authors can take their book to traditional publishers and have equal or greater success. All that said, I ask Robin what she thinks about going forward, and what factors would lead to them choosing to publish through Ridan or Orbit.


Since this episode was recorded, Double Share by Nathan Lowell has been published by Ridan Publishing.

Michael Sullivan’s Rise of Empire is now on Audible.

Robin mentioned Jim C. Hines. Thought you might want to check his site out. His latest book is THE SNOW QUEEN’S SHADOW, the fourth of his fantasy adventures that retell the old fairy tales with a Charlie’s Angels twist.

Oh yeah, and there’s that Hugh Howey guy everyone is comparing to 50 Shades of Grey for turning self-publishing into movie deals. Well, he now has a movie option deal with 20th Century Fox for his Wool Omnibus, which is going to be published by Random House UK.

Next week’s podcast is with UK Fantasy author, Mike Shevdon, in time for his May 29th release of Strangeness and Charm: Courts of the Feyre #3.

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