AudioTim Snippet: Mike Shevdon on Excitement of Urban Fantasy

Mike's main character, Niall, had a similar view before his world flipped upside down.

While editing my podcast interview with Mike Shevdon (to be released this Wednesday, 5/23), I came across this three minute gem that really encapsulates my recent fascination with not just Urban Fantasy, but Mike’s Courts of the Feyre series. The next week is going to focus on his upcoming release of Strangeness and Charm: The Courts of the Feyre, Book 3. What fascinates me about this genre, and his series in particular is how it makes us observe our world in a new light. I suppose a lot of entertainment mediums do that, but I like how Mike uses British folklore and tradition and adds a fantastical spin on what could be.

Sometimes I like to read about this in a past or future that is much different than the world around me. Mike’s books are similar to the Horror that I like to read in that they keep me in the present, and then blow my mind with what could be lurking behind my day to day tasks. I wrote a few zombie stories that play on what would happen if I opened my side door in the still dark hours of the morning, and a zombie was outside in my driveway.

Doesn't this cover make you want to read Mike's blend of Urban Fantasy? I love it!

Sometimes I take my time observing my yard and tempt that fear to become real. Of course I know it’s not real, but the fact that I set that scene in a real place makes it that much more scary.

Mike’s story takes place around London. Even though I’ve never been, I have been to places like where he tells his story: subways, open markets, pastures, woods, heck, even just any old neighborhood. While he uses specific history and places in London to make his story feel genuine, he also sets some of the events in general places that I can imagine myself in. The next time I’m in a subway I’m going to wonder about that doorway no one uses. Next time I’m in a coffee shop I might imagine the person sitting nearby as a fey shape-shifter hiding their sword and identity through a glamour Mike describes in his books that makes them appear uninteresting and normal.

Mike has some cool blog posts in his History Category that have pictures and give a little backstory to the British folklore that inspired his awesome series. Hope to see you back on Wednesday when I release this episode, and the book giveaway to come.

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