AudioTim 36: Mike Shevdon, UK Urban Fantasy Author of Strangeness and Charm

Welcome to my interview with Mike Shevdon, author of Strangeness and Charm: Courts of the Feyre #3, due out May 29th through Angry Robot Books. Because this is the third book in an awesome Urban Fantasy series, I wanted to make sure that those who haven’t read the first two books could enjoy a good chunk of the interview. We don’t introduce spoilers until 52 minutes into the show, and even then, it’s only to discuss how the first two books set the stage for book three. Actually, we have a couple minor spoilers regarding the setup of the first book, Sixty-One Nails, but you might get those in a backcover summary anyway. If you don’t want any information about story events, I posted a 4 minute snippet of our interview about Mike and his style of Urban Fantasy. The spoilers are over by the 65 minute mark, and I ask Mike about writing tips he learned going into book three. We chat about some marketing ideas for his book launch and his schedule for book four.

My aim for this show was to discuss elements of this series and Urban Fantasy from Mike’s British perspective that would give readers a good taste without ruining the experience. I think we accomplished that. Mike has some good writing advice and was a blast to chat with. On top of all that, Mike is offering a book giveaway: a signed ARC of Strangeness and Charm will be given away as part of the show.

Book Giveaway Details

I like to give multiple ways for people to enter:
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I will announce the winner on the release date of Strangeness and Charm, May 29th, so you have until the end of the 28th to enter.

You can also enter another giveaway going on at The Qwillery for a signed ARC of Strangeness and Charm.


Sixty-One Nails and The Road to Bedlam are the first two books in Mike’s Courts of the Feyre series. You can get them as ebooks now, or pre-order the newly designed print editions, to be released the same day as Strangeness and Charm, May 29th.

In a recent Angry Robots Press Release, they’ve offered this issuu widgetthat lets you read a good chunk from Strangeness and Charm

Mike mentioned some UK Urban Fantasy Authors you should check out:
Kate Griffin‘s A Madness of Angels
Mike Carey‘s Felix Castor series
Suzanne McLeod Spellcrackers series
Ben Aaronovitch Rivers of London
Lou Morgan Blood and Feathers (free short story)
Tanya Huff is someone else Mike mentions as having a closed world in her Fantasy series, and uses Canada as the setting. This book is a collection of short stories that includes “an Imperial Dragon in Toronto’s Chinatown.” Cool!

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