Audiobook Review: Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo / Sean Runnette as Narrator

Zombie FalloutZombie Fallout by Mark Tufo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zombie Fallout produces just the type of zombie scenario I enjoy most: straight to the apocalypse and then defend the camp. The humor was well-placed and laugh out loud funny. The action was tense and effective, making this a quick, addicting listen. There is an interesting supernatural element that I don’t yet understand, but maybe I’ll learn more about in future books. He does an excellent job utilizing past tense to increase the tension for what is to come. The character relationships effectively created a reason to care for the ensuing horror. All in all I was very satisfied and looking forward to Book Two.

My library had this as an audiobook download that is always available, maybe yours does too. If you have time to listen to audiobooks and enjoy a quick apocalypse, defend the camp zombie story, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. Sean Runnette does a great job narrating. He has excellent comedic timing and fit the character naturally.

Rating: 4.4 Stars

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