Coffin Hop Stop #1: Teric Darken

Welcome to my wing of the haunted mansion that is the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour. Today I podcast interview Christian Thriller writer, Teric Darken. Here is an audio sample of the interview you can find in its entirety at the Holy Worlds Podcast: Coffin Hop Interview with Teric Darken. Last year I interviewed the founders, AudioTim 14: Axel Howerton and Julie Jansen. This year, I’m a published author, and am interviewing other authors in the Monsters! anthology my first story will be published in.

The Prize: 1st Place: A copy of the Monsters! Anthology (paperback or ebook). 2nd Place: Feckless Anthology (Kindle)

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Coffin Hop Stop #1: Teric Darken at HWP: Coffin Hop Interview with Teric Darken

Listen to radio promo for his novel Kill FM 100.

For twenty-five years, Teric Darken has been bleeding the ink from his heart onto paper.  His cutting-edge thrillers have become known for their innovative nature:  filled with darkness, despair, light and redemption.

2012 ushered in the re-release of KILL FM 100 (Night Shift Edition) with ten additional chapters of thrills and chills – the original version earning a top-three-finalist position in the 2010 Grace Awards thriller genre.  His supernatural thriller, Wickflicker, created a stir with its unflinching storyline, also meriting a top-three-finalist position in the 2011 Grace Awards thriller genre.  Darken’s latest thrill-ride, U-TURN KiLLuR (Death Row Edition), has been reissued with an extra chapter and revamped storyline.

Teric Darken holds a Bachelor of Science degree in religious education. The author resides with his family in the United States and serves his city as a lieutenant on the fire department. More about the author may be found on Facebook or at

Upcoming Coffin Hop Schedule:

This is the first of many interviews for my portion of the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour. I will have 4 podcast interviews at the Holy Worlds Podcast, a couple written ones (Kat Heckenbach, Pauline Creeden, and Dana Bell) here on my website (, and another written one with Greg Mitchell in my Tuesday slot at the New Authors Fellowship.

Here’s the podcast schedule:

Wed. 24th: Teric Darken

Fri. 26: Ellen C. Maze

Mon. 29th: Thomas Smith

Wed. 31st: JR Roper

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