Coffin Hop Final Stop; Sample from Jeremy K. Tyler and JR Roper Podcast on Appeal of Christian Horror

It’s been an amazing Coffin Hop tour. In celebrating my first publication credit, I interviewed nine authors from the upcoming Monsters! anthology to discuss their stories and their perspective on Christians writing Horror. Here’s a sample from the Jeremy K. Tyler/JR Roper podcast interview over at the Holy Worlds Podcast.

Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway, but it is now over. Author Kim Koning won a paperback of the soon to be released Monsters! anthology, and Jason Darrick won an ebook of the Feckless anthology.

The last two interviews were:

Greg Mitchell, author of The Coming Evil Trilogy, has a written interview in my Tuesday slot over at the New Authors Fellowship. He discusses how he weaves his faith into his Horror and how he keeps the suspense despite criticism of Christian Horror being predictable.

Jeremy K. Tyler and JR Roper join the Holy Worlds Podcast to discuss their stories in  Monsters!, Jeremy’s two books (The Rivers Webb and Orlin Wood), and their thoughts on Christians writing Horror.

The latest news on the Monsters! anthology is that it has been delayed by a week or two in order to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

Here’s the schedule and links to this tour’s interviews:

Teric Darken – podcast

Kat Heckenbach – written

Ellen C. Maze – podcast

Dana Bell – written

Pauline Creeden – written

Thomas Smith – podcast

Greg Mitchell – written

Jeremy K. Tyler and JR Roper – podcast

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