Health, Cash, and More Podcasts!

Has anyone else noticed a lull in “writing” podcasts? Sure, there are plenty of shows out there, but I’ve been out of content for days. Enter my favorite show, Adventures In SciFi Publishing, and their plan for 2013 to put out three or more shows a week. I classified their show as a “writing” podcast, but it is more than just for writers, it’s for anyone who enjoys reading, listening to or watching Science Fiction and Fantasy–maybe even Horror, as their last guest talked about his post-apocalyptic story, Tincture. I haven’t checked it out yet, but I was pleased to hear that he is releasing it online in text and podcast.His story and characters sound very interesting, so as soon as I get to my laptop, I’ll be subscribing on iTunes (stupid Android… don’t get me started).

Did you know that this blog post counts as an entry into AISFP’s giveaway of Brenda Cooper’s highly-acclaimed SF novel, The Creative Fire (Book One of Ruby’s Song)? That’s really the only reason I’m writing this, I don’t even know these guys… Just kidding. I had the pleasure of interviewing the hosts of AISFP on my podcast, AudioTim, Episode 34.

The real reason I’m writing this post is to encourage you to listen to their show, and, if led, donate to their cause ($3/month for insider status) or purchase a sponsorship on their show. Check out their “State of the Pod” episode for more info.

For those on a tight budget, I feel ya, my wife has put a freeze on our extra spending, too. But I have a few ideas that could create some extra cash in your budget.

It's good to feel exhaustion.

It’s good to feel exhaustion.

The first is through a mobile app called gym-pac. You could make your monthly donation in one week’s workout. See their site for more details. The trainers at my gym (Farrell’s) have been using it for six months and rave about getting paid to work out (they’re doing it anyway, so why not?)! If you do, “shrugnorma” is my instructor’s promo code.

The second is using Swagbucks as your search engine. I know there are others out there, but this is what I use, and I earn $10-15 a month in Amazon gift cards just normally searching.

There you go, links to improving your health, earning extra cash, an awesome podcast, and the first of many book giveaways. Spread the word!

About Timothy C. Ward

Timothy C. Ward is a former executive producer and Hugo Nominee of Adventures in SciFi Publishing. He has been broke and lost on the other side of the world and now dreams of greater adventures from his keyboard in Des Moines, Iowa. This summer, he released his second Sand Divers book, Scavenger: A.I., where two parents use an ancient technology to fight a reproducing A.I. while trying to resurrect their deceased infant, and a new series that begins with Godsknife: Revolt, an apocalyptic battle for godhood in the rift between Iowa and the Abyss. Sign up for his newsletter for news, sales, giveaways and more:

5 Responses to Health, Cash, and More Podcasts!

  1. I’ll check out that podcast, thanks. I’ve only recently begun listening to podcasts, largely because there is only so much time in the day and between work and reading and blogging and then the additional fun things I like to keep up with: various shows on Geek and Sundry and The Nerdist, gaming, other people’s blogs, etc. there is just so much that I “want” to do and only so much I “can” do.

    The only writing podcast I’ve listened to is Writing Excuses, the podcast that Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal and Dan Wells do. They are always around 15-18 minutes so they are not a big time suck and I’ve been entertained every time and I’m not a writer. If you haven’t done so I would recommend checking them out.

    And thanks for the links, I’ll be looking into those as well.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Thanks for stopping by, Carl! Yes , Writing Excuses is a great show. Theirs is a good fit for my morning commute. Podcasts are good for that, and for exercising. There’s not much better than a long jog and a good podcast.

      • I hadn’t ever listened to anything while running largely because I just enjoy the time in my own head but I did listen to a couple of episodes of writing excuses on my short run the other day and it was fun. I’ll probably start mixing in some listening with some of my runs in order to try to keep up with some of the podcasts I am enjoying.

          • I’m usually thinking about blog posts/events I want to do or composing book/film reviews in my head. It can be a really productive time. It would probably be more productive if I was recording those aloud while I was running (despite all the huffing and puffing).

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