Author Spotlight: James Smythe

I recently had the pleasure of reading James Smythe‘s recently released novel, The Explorer, and interviewing him over at SF Signal. We’re making plans to get him on AudioTim, but for now, enjoy:

My 5 star review of The Explorer

My interview with James Smythe

In short, The Explorer is the fastest book I’ve read in years. I came in anticipating a dark SF book, and was immediately blown away as he exceeded my expectations. Here’s the first line:

One of the first things I did when I realized that I was never going to make it home—when I was the only crewmember left, all the others stuffed into their sleeping chambers like rigid, vacuum-packed action figures—was to write up a list of everybody I would never see again; let me wallow in it, swim around in missing them as much as I could.

The Explorer likens to Fight Club in Space, and has created a new fan who can’t wait for his next book, The Machine, to release in April. While waiting, I plan to read his other book, The Testimony.

James was also a guest on John Scalzi’s, The Big Idea.

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