AudioTim 45: Supernatural Horror and Zombie Author, Mark Tufo


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Welcome to the latest edition of AudioTim, where I get to ask self-published success story, Mark Tufo about his stories and writing career. I will be giving away his latest novel, Callis Rose. All you have to do to enter is share some love on Twitter or Facebook, including my handle @timothycward, or tagging me Tim Ward, on Facebook, with a link to this post. Deadline to enter is one week from Monday, so before February 18.

Highlights of our discussion:

Intro – I ask Mark to tell us about some of his stories, Callis Rose, The Spirit Clearing, and Zombie Fallout. Check out Mark Tufo’s entire list of books at

15 – Have you gotten sick of zombies yet?

17 – Discussing Brian Ruckley’s blog post, “Why I Stopped Reading The Walking Dead.”

18:30 – Whereas The Walking Dead seems to focus on upping the stakes of its theme of hopelessness, what is your focus in writing horror?

24:20 – How Mark started taking writing seriously.

28 – How does Mark balance writing with the mental exhaustion involved?

29:10 – Daily wordcount goal?

31:30 – What drives you to write? What’s your goal?

zombiefallout33 – How did Zombie Fallout takeoff? (My review of ZF Audiobook)

>> Mentions faster successes like James N. Cook and John O’Brien.

34 – Marketing strategy? Why do you think so many people like your stories?

40 – Beta readers or professional editor first?

41 – How has Mark improved through his drafts?

49 – What’s going on at Mark’s blog:

>> Interviews with zombies from The Walking Dead television show

>> Mark interviews Horror authors: Jonathan Maberry, Joe McKinney, Scott Nicholson, TW Brown, James Cook, and Armand Rosamilia; and Gary from Severed Press.

>> Dec. 21, Mayan Prophecy reaches Mark’s backyard.

>> Ghost story with Mike Talbot on his blog last Halloween.

51:30 – Is there a crossover in Mark’s series since he uses Mike Talbot in many of them? Is there a reading order?

Besides my giveaway for Callis Rose, Mark has his own giveaway for The Spirit Clearing  at Goodreads.

Callis Rose Giveaway Details

* Giveaway is over, sorry.

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6 Responses to AudioTim 45: Supernatural Horror and Zombie Author, Mark Tufo

  1. Tim, this is an excellent interview. Very thought out (and intense) questions. Keep up the great work. Thank you for the insight and tips into the twisted world of getting published.

    Mark, it is great to hear from you. Keep up the great work! I have read all of your books so far and I absolutely love your style and you humor. You have something that other authors in the genre don’t have. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Profile Cover Art

    Thanks everybody for listening and sharing the feedback, it’s great to hear from my audience, and know it’s not just a conversation between Mark and I.

    And thoughts on a panel podcast topic involving Horror authors?

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