Quality Fan Fiction in Hugh Howey’s Wool Universe

Last PrayerLyndon Perry‘s short story, “The Last Prayer (A Silo Story) (The Last Silo),” is fan fiction set in Hugh Howey’s Wool universe… and it’s really good! I didn’t know what to expect, having loved Wool 1, but Lyndon surprised me with an emotional tale that creates its own set of problems and resolutions. I don’t want to ruin anything, so I’ll just say that I recommend this story to any fan of Wool, and cheers to Lyndon for writing such a powerful tale. Like Wool 1, it sets up its own epic problems with characters you’ll care about. I’m very excited to see this take off so I can read more in this silo. As Lyndon says, it’s a different silo, so while he captures the feel of Hugh’s Wool, he is free to build on his own timeline and surprise you as he wills.

Editor’s note: “The Last Prayer” is currently free on kindle. Hugh just wrote a new blog post mentioning another new wooliverse fanfic, The Sky Used to be Blue: a Silo story (Karma)
by Patrice Fitzgerald.

A different silo, a different threat.

In the post-apocalypse, society continues in underground silos, kept safe from the toxic world above by a simple hatch door and a strict set of rules. For generations, an oligarchy of priests and politicians preserved their standing while the common workers lived in ignorance.

When a young girl starts speaking of heaven as if it were just outside, the rigid caste system begins to crack. Sides are quickly drawn. The only thing preventing a violent upheaval is an old priest’s confession and the child’s last prayer. But will such simple faith be enough to save them all?

I guess up next to read is Shear Terror (Wool Fanfiction) by David Adams, and The Runner (A Silo Story) by W.J. Davies. Then, maybe I should take a stab at my own. For the record, I don’t see this as cheating or anything like that. Hugh wants people to write in his universe, and if you can do it well, then more power to you.

If you haven’t heard of Hugh Howey or his bestseller, Wool, I’ve reviewed it and interviewed Hugh on my AudioTim podcast, twice (Ep. 32 “Wool Omnibus”; Ep. 33 “Indie Publishing).

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  1. Thanks for the mention and great review! I think you’ll like The Runner, it takes place in the flooded silo (or evokes that pre-Jules history) and is an interesting “what if.” Well written.

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