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4 novels at 99 cents apiece, and a new Godsknife story.

We’re having a big week of sales, with both of my Sand Divers novels (Evolution and A.I.)and my Godsknife: Revolt novel on sale, plus a new story set in the Godsknife universe called Lineage.

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I only teased about Lineage in the last newsletter, and for those who signed up to my Advance Reader Group, you already have a copy in your inbox. Here’s the scoop on this new story, which puts one of my side characters of Godsknife: Revolt on center stage the day the mantis outbreak strikes Des Moines.

Did I mention the novel, Godsknife: Revolt is also on sale for 99 cents?

Godsknife: Lineage story description:

On the day that changes everything, James wakes up to his usual struggles: school, basketball aspirations, and the reminder of his father’s death in service to his country. An unlikely friend will challenge him, offering a different perspective on the legacy left by those who’ve loved us, but whom we’ve lost. James doesn’t understand how one who loves you could leave you behind, but if the answer is courage, then he doubts he has what it takes to make the same kind of decision.

Yet as a new enemy rises to the surface of their world, he must use the example set by his father, and take full advantage of the life and lineage that his father saved, and he must rise to his own challenge.

Godsknife: Lineage is a short story prequel to the novel, Godsknife: Revolt, set during the events preceding that epic story. It can be read as a stand-alone, or as an introduction to the life and world surrounding one of our beloved survivors in Godsknife: Revolt.

For Science Fiction fans:

My Sand Divers novels are both on sale starting Monday — the first time I’ve put A.I. on sale.

And we have Dominion Rising at a 99 cent pre order through its release on August 8th. My new science fiction series, tentatively called, In the Search of Ancients, and starting with book one, Ultras Born, will be released exclusively in this set.

This newsletter won’t always be about buy, buy, buy, but this is a huge week of sales, so I appreciate the indulgence and support. Please tell your friends. The sale lasts all week.

– Tim

About Timothy C. Ward

Timothy C. Ward is a former executive producer and Hugo Nominee of Adventures in SciFi Publishing. He has been broke and lost on the other side of the world and now dreams of greater adventures from his keyboard in Des Moines, Iowa. This summer, he released his second Sand Divers book, Scavenger: A.I., where two parents use an ancient technology to fight a reproducing A.I. while trying to resurrect their deceased infant, and a new series that begins with Godsknife: Revolt, an apocalyptic battle for godhood in the rift between Iowa and the Abyss. Sign up for his newsletter for news, sales, giveaways and more: http://www.timothycward.com/newsletter/.

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