Book Review: TIME LOOTER 1 by Fenton Cooper

This book is definitely not written by Michael Bunker and his off the rails humor side kick, Michael Forbes, oh wait, Forbes West. This is Fenton Cooper, and the book is Time Looter. I’m a big fan of Bunker and his serialized books Pennsylvania and Wick, and so far this has been just the kind of reading addiction I was hoping for. Orbit South is funny in real life, and the character he epitomizes is enough to keep this story riding just to hear what he says next. It just so happens that the story is pretty engaging too. By the end, I had the right kind of wishing it wasn’t over mixed with excitement that part two was already on my Kindle.

Casey Atlas is a rich kid that comes off as a jerk, but has moments when you see he’s broken and his humor is a desperate attempt at clawing for survival. I’m looking forward to seeing how much trouble they get into in their time travel trips, and what it will look like when he realizes that humor won’t be the answer to the pain in his heart.

This isn’t a sappy story by any means, but there is a hint of what has made me care to see him find happiness.

The plot starts with Casey using his inheritance from his father, in a deal with his uncle to enter the physics Ph.D. program at the local university. He meets a couple geeks with time travel devices who need his boat, and off they go to 1983 to watch Star Wars on its opening night. Good stuff moving along that ramps up when a few more pieces are added and they leap into something that will put them on the map of technological discovery. At the end, my only drawback was it escalated to a point that I had a hard time believing some character motivations. Could just be me, and I still picked up book two with a smile on my face, but I was a little taken back that things might have moved too quickly.

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