Audiobook Review – ALIEN: RIVER OF PAIN (Audible Original Drama)

Alien: River of Pain: An Audible Original Drama
Written by: Christopher Golden , Dirk Maggs
Narrated by: Anna Friel , Philip Glenister , Colin Salmon , Alexander Siddig , Marc Warren , Michelle Ryan , William Hope
Length: 4 hrs and 54 mins
Series: Alien, Book 3
Release Date:04-26-17
Publisher: Audible Studios


For fans of Alien and space horror in general, this will be a great experience. The audio production by Audible studios and the narrator cast is top notch, from the sound of the face huggers breaking loose and whipping about to the pulse of machine gun fire–the audiobook feels just like the movie in high def. The voice acting is expertly done and once again you really can’t tell Sigourney Weaver isn’t playing Ripley. This is legit Alien, and I haven’t even started on the story.

I was a little unsure about the placement of this book after having listened to the last Alien audiobook, Out of the Shadows. Is this a direct sequel or just another story? The book summary says it is the sequel, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but I feel one of the emotional moments for Ripley is repeated, and I couldn’t tell if that meant it these two are unrelated Alien side stories or maybe if I missed something and it was just a dream. (Hint it has to do with her daughter).

I enjoyed meeting Newt and seeing her life and family prior to meeting Ripley. Nice emotional investment in the parents and their relationship struggles affecting the kids. There was a question lingering after the end about the survival of a character which the audio presentation did not clear up. For the most part, you can follow along as well as if you were watching, and for that the crew did a great job.

Overall, the story was very good, but lacked a real climax to make this a five star. It will scratch the itch for Alien fans waiting for the next satisfying movie to enter the canon, but as a self contained story, it felt lacking in the end.

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