Interview and Giveaway – Patrick Hemstreet, THE GOD PEAK

Thank you for joining us on this giveaway and interview with Patrick Hemstreet, author of THE GOD PEAK (available August 22 from Harper Voyager).

**Giveaway prizes: 1st winner gets paper copies of both The God Wave and The God Peak; 2nd winner gets choice of either book in paperback. US only. Comment below to enter.**

Patrick Hemstreet is a neuro-engineer, entrepreneur, special warfare-trained Navy medic, standup comic, actor, and the author of The God Wave and The God Peak. He lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife Abby, and sons Gideon, Ezra, and Seth.

  • What are one or two advancements in neuroscience that support the premise of your series?


The advent of brain to machine interface is in the news daily. College students flying drones with an EEG link is the latest article to pop up on my social media feed. Elementary brain to machine or computer interfaces are really becoming commonplace.


  • How do modern video games enhance the likelihood of research that could lead to the god-like powers shown in your series?

Well VR is a sure fire way to fool subconscious mind into believing it has the power to levitate objects. All kidding aside, I believe VR is a very exciting frontier that I am happy to cross.  It is a perception altering game-changer. 


  • What is the setting for your story, and how does the advancement in this technology affect the world at this time?

It’s, for the most part, modern day.  The effect on civilization and ultimately our species is the overarching premise of the trilogy. I’d hate to give that away in a snippet, but suffice it to say the technology first introduced in The God Wave is a catalyst for profound changes in the human condition.


  • What kinds of character conflict do we have in book one, The God Wave?

Book one largely has Matt vs. Chuck, the former being a no nonsense businessman and the latter an altruistic boy scout.  While the best path is of course a via media, these two go at each other from their own extreme positions.


  • What can you share about how book two expands the conflict?

Book two explores several conflicts. There are many forces pulling in multiple directions. Chuck and the betas, Sara and the alphas and their respective relationships with the government. We also see Lorstad and The Benefactors enter the fray. The conflict/s in book two, to me, seem/s a bit more complex and layered.


  • What has been the biggest challenge writing this series?

Blending science and mysticism is something I am pretty passionate about. This blending is something I strive to place front and center in my stories. Since these two concepts are polar opposites this can present heavy challenges. The bumps in the road are what increase our creative scope in the end. 


  • Is there anything readers should know about upcoming stories?

Just open your mind to new possibilities before you crack the book is all. 


  • Where is best to stay connected with you online?

I can best be reached on Twitter @Hemstreetauthor. I am very active and generally respond to most tweets and direct messages.

Thanks for your time, Patrick. I am very excited to see how the story expands in book two, The God Peak. For those who haven’t read book one, The God Wave, definitely go check it out. The infusion of neuroscience into a near future thriller is one of a kind and brilliant.

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Possible comment questions: Have you read the first book? What do you think about neuroscience thrillers?

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  1. I haven’t read these books yet but I definitely need to check them out! They sound excellent! Thanks for the giveaway

    • Hi Elenor,
      He goes as far scientific as you can with this premise. I don’t know how an atheist would respond, but the science is fascinating. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. These are books that top my preferred reading genres. I’m looking forward to reading everything you have done and have planned. This is extremely exciting!! Cannot wait.

  3. Science and mysticism – a very significant blend. Two sides of the same coin? I think so, but are “we the humans” mature enough to understand and maybe even accept that? Pretty difficult to imagine until we lose the selfishness and tribal behavior in which we persist, long after the value of those “qualities” has been extinguished. We’ll see how that “blend” is developed in these two “God” books; looking forward to them!

  4. It is so nice to read something different ,I’m a big Sci – Fi fan and a avid reader ,I would rather read than watch the movie cause the book is always better in my opinion , so to you I say WELL DONE !!

  5. i haven’t read either of these books but they sound really good. Great interview by the way and thanks for the descriptions of your books in it.

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