About Me

As a disclaimer to those who know I am a Christian: I’ve evolved quite a bit from thinking I had to make my fiction a clear mirror’s image of my theology. I like to surprise, use characters that believe differently than I do, and focus more on elements of what I believe (i.e. love, faith, the bond and struggles in marriage) than writing stories where people come to Christ. I am not my characters, but in ways they are exaggerations of my struggles, either in faith or in walking like Christ. If I write a story where our world’s religions are mentioned, I aim to show that all kinds have people worth knowing. It isn’t about proving one right. It’s about showing them struggle and pursue happiness. That said, there may be aspects of my prose that offends. I write stories for adults, and probably even more specifically to married adults. If you are someone who may be tempted in reading characters who think about or have sex, feel free to stay away from my stories. (I’m shaking my head right now because I think that should classify every character in every book, but I know some try to avoid that aspect of our humanity.) On the other hand, I don’t write explicit sex scenes. I do include language at times. In short, I write to tell people’s stories, not to fit into a box of political or religious correctness.