AudioTim Sidebar My first podcast, AudioTim was a podcast interviewing authors, editors and publishers in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. I loved hearing about new stories, what makes an excellent story, and how the business evolves. Readers can listen for their next great read, and writers can be inspired by how my guests got where they are.
AISFP*Note: Tim has retired as Executive Producer of Adventures in SciFi Publishing in order to focus on serializing his new novel, Scavenger: Evolution. You can still check him and his team out for news, reviews, giveaways and podcasts on Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror.

*Adventures in SciFi Publishing has been nominated for Best Fancast in the Hugo Awards!

Subscribe to Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast on: iTunes | Stitcher Radio (Android users) | RSS | Website RSS AISFP 208 is the announcement episode.

My earliest shows:

AISFP 207 – Zachary Jernigan and Nick Sharps, Part 1

AISFP 205 – Michael Underwood, Author of Urban Fantasy GEEKOMANCY

AISFP 204 – Michael Underwood, Marketing and Sales Manager (US and Canada) for Angry Robot Books
AISFP 202 – Myke Cole, Scott Lynch, Jean Johnson, Eightball and Marie Bilodeau: Chicon 7 panel “Disaster Response in SF”

Full episode archive for Adventures in SciFi Publishing here.

I’ve also shared some audio with SF Signal:

SF Signal Podcast 171: Which SF&F Books, Movies, TV Shows and Comics Are We Looking Forward To In 2013?
Hugh Howey live reading of his short story, “The Walk Up Nameless Ridge”
SF Signal Podcast: 140 Interview with T.C. McCarthy

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Promos for download and sharing: Advice from Michael Sullivan on Episode 16

Samples: Mercedes Yardley on What Makes Good Horror, and Mike Shevdon on Appeals of Urban Fantasy

Episode Archives:

Season Two:

AudioTim 48: New Authors Fellowship April Writing Update
AudioTim 47: Detective novelist, Axel Howerton of, HOT SINATRA, and his editor, Lane Diamond of Evolved Publishing
AudioTim 46: Chicon 7 Panel “Quantum Physics Meets Magical Realism”
AudioTim 45: Supernatural Horror and Zombie Author, Mark Tufo
AudioTim 44: Chicon 7 Panel “Conquering Writer’s Block”
AudioTim 43: Tom King, Author of A ONCE CROWDED SKY
AudioTim 42: Chicon 7 Panel “Write What You Don’t Know”
AudioTim 41: Ramez Naam, Author of SF Thriller, NEXUS

Season One:

Episode 40: Karina Fabian, Author of Live and Let Fly
Episode 39: Jeffrey B. Burton, Author of The Chessman
Episode 38: Scott Roche, YA Sci-Fi Author of Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands
Episode 37: Matt Forbeck, Author of Carpathia, Amortals, Vegas Nights, Magic: The Gathering #4…
Episode 36: Mike Shevdon, UK Urban Fantasy Author of Strangeness and Charm
Episode 35: Robin Sullivan on Riyria Revelations’ Orbit Experience
Episode 34: Adventures in SciFi Publishing Interview
Episode 33: Indie Publishing with Hugh Howey and Robin Sullivan (Signed Wool Omnibus deadline 5/9)
Episode 32: Hugh Howey, Author of Wool Omnibus (Wool t-shirt giveaway deadline 5/21)
Episode 31: K. Allen Wood and Mercedes Yardley of Shock Totem Magazine
Episode 30b: Robin Sullivan of Ridan Publishing on Amazon and Future of Ebooks
Episode 30a: Robin Sullivan of Ridan Publishing on Amazon and IPG
Episode 29: Justin Macumber and his publisher, David Wood, discuss Justin’s debut SF novel, HAYWIRE
Episode 28: Roundtable Podcast Brainstorms Zombie Novel
Episode 27: Roundtable Podcast, Origin and Destination
Episode 26 (oops, should have been 25): Lane Diamond, author of psychological thriller, Forgive Me, Alex
Episode 24: Lane Diamond and D.T. Conklin of Evolved Publishing
Episode 23: Michell Plested is the Michael Jordan of Mad Scientists
Episode 22: Nick Zaino III, Author of Horror, Humor, and Non-fiction
Episode 21: Libboo.com Publishing Community with Fernando Albertorio
Episode 20: Michell Plested, Author Interview
Episode 19: Georgina Kamsika, Author of The Sulphur Diaries
Episode 18: Matthew C. Wood, Author of The Day the Sun Stopped Shining
Episode 17: Michell Plested of Get Published podcast
Episode 16: Michael J. Sullivan and Robin Sullivan on Theft of Swords

Sorry, below here files are available on request. Posterous, where they were hosted, is no more.
Episode 15: Karina Fabian on Frightliner and Neeta Lyffe: Zombie Exterminator
Episode 14: Axel Howerton and Julie Jansen, Master Minds of the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour
Episode 13: Chris and Kris Hawkins of One Buck Horror on their newest release, One Buck Zombie
Episode 12: Karina Fabian, Mind Over Mind
Episode 11: Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Behind the Scenes on The Worker Prince
Episode 10: Chila Woychik, On Being a Rat
Episode 9: Editing Methods and Networking Perks
Episode 8: DanDan on Conflict and 2nd Drafts
Episode 7: Confidence Conquers Fear
Episode 6: Interview with Mike Duran
Episode 5: Celebration of a Finished First Draft
Episode 4: Interview with Dan Dan the Art Man
Episode 3: NaNoWriMo Victory
Episode 2: Ideas and Story Types
Episode 1: The Fear of the Blank Page

Bookmarks to Publishing

Episode 1: Developing a Professional Perspective with Mur Lafferty

Holy Worlds Podcast (now defunct, but archives here)

Episode 5: James Somers