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Announcing The Time Traveler’s Almanac Group Read

Time Traveler's Almanac

Do you have a favorite trope within Science Fiction? I think ever since Quantum Leap, and yes, even Time Cop, my favorite Science Fiction trope has been time travel. Whether the story goes into the past under the presumption that the future can be changed, and we’re hanging on every word or scene waiting to […]

The darkness in my fiction

naf logo

I’m over at New Authors Fellowship discussing the reaction to the setting at the beginning of my novel, Scavenger: Evolution, taking place in a brothel. For some, this is no big deal, and the post goes on beyond that to share the heart of my hero’s struggle. He has lost his son and cannot face […]

Coffin Hop Final Stop; Sample from Jeremy K. Tyler and JR Roper Podcast on Appeal of Christian Horror

It’s been an amazing Coffin Hop tour. In celebrating my first publication credit, I interviewed nine authors from the upcoming Monsters! anthology to discuss their stories and their perspective on Christians writing Horror. Here’s a sample from the Jeremy K. Tyler/JR Roper podcast interview over at the Holy Worlds Podcast.

Coffin Hop Stop #6: Thomas Smith

Welcome to interview six from this channel of the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour. Thomas Smith is described as, “…one of those outstanding Southern writers – seemingly soft, languid, maybe even lazy, when actually what he is, is cotton wrapped about a razor. Half the time you don’t even know he’s gotten you until it’s […]

Coffin Hop Stop #5: Pauline Creeden

We are now halfway through my contribution to the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour, and to recap, I have been interviewing other authors from the upcoming Monsters! anthology put out by A Flame in the Dark. The theme for this anthology is the same for my theme here: should Christians write Horror and can they […]

Coffin Hop Stop #4: Dana Bell

For today’s Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour interview, I have another author from the upcoming Monsters! anthology. Dana sharpened her chops writing fanfic from popular shows like Stargate SG-1 and Firefly, and her novel Winter Awakening is a product six years in the making, with five short stories in various anthologies supplementing the same post […]

Coffin Hop Stop #3: Ellen C. Maze

Welcome to my wing of the haunted mansion that is the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour, where I am interviewing authors involved in the upcoming Monsters! anthology put out by (my first story publication). Today I’d like to point you to: Holy Worlds Podcast: Coffin Hop Interview with Ellen C. Maze. The Prize: 1st […]

Coffin Hop Stop #2: Kat Heckenbach

Welcome to my wing of the haunted mansion that is the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour. Today I have a written interview with Christian Horror and YA Fantasy writer, Kat Heckenbach. The Prize: 1st Place: A copy of the Monsters! Anthology (paperback or ebook). 2nd Place: Feckless Anthology (Kindle) How to Win: Comment or Share […]