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Merry Christmas, Creepfest Winner, New Blog Series, & the next Blog Tour

First off, Merry Christmas to you and yours, from me and mine! As I have since I got married a few years ago, I’m spending it in St. Charles, IA (picture covered bridges and small Iowa town–though the company is large and loving). I just wanted to share what will be going on at […]

Saturday Spotlight: Ed Kurtz, “Pearls.”

This Saturday Spotlight is cast on Ed Kurtz for his short story, “Pearls,” which is published in Dark Moon Digest: Issue 5. (Thanks to Rob Smales for sending me a copy as part of the Coffin Hop blog tour.) What stuck out immediately from this gross little tale is that Ed has come up with […]

12 Days of Creepfest: What genre trope are you most sick of?

Talking, running, smart zombies? Sparkly vampires? Magician’s apprentices? Magical swords? One of my recent comments about zombies reciting Shakespeare made me wonder what you guys think about genre tropes. Zombies are my genre of preference, but I’m curious which direction the common tropes are going in your favorite genre and what you think about it. […]

12 Days of Creepfest: What creeps you out most about the zombie apocalypse?

I had a dream last night that woke me up it was so terrifying. Of course, describing it here won’t do it justice, but there were some elements that I’m going to jot down to explore in my zombie fiction. In this dream, the zombies were out there, but they were not the biggest threat. […]

12 Days of Creepfest: What were your worst nightmares?

I just stopped by one of our fellow #Creepfest bloggers, Axel Howerton, who has a post up featuring Jason McKinney, author of Dog World, a Werewolf Apocalypse novel, and Memoirs of the Walking Dead. I commented how excited I am to read that book (I’m currently reading like 5 books, so what’s one more, right?), […]

12 Days of Creepfest: How do you celebrate a job well done?

Today I finished the second draft of my novel and I was kind of lost on how to celebrate. This is the third novel that I’ve written, but I’ve never really done anything special to celebrate. Last year I opened up Resident Evil 4 and played that, but I finished so late that I only […]

12 Days of Creepfest: What are you researching?

Between writing today, I read some of Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne. I’m thinking about making one of my next writing projects a journal entry style, and wanted to see how J.L. did it. His is one of my favorite zombie stories, and I wanted to see how the journal format was a […]

Saturday Spotlight: Bobby Conroy Comes Back From the Dead by Joe Hill

This is another five star story from the zombie anthology, The Living Dead. What I enjoyed most about this story was the deep connection with the characters. Bobby is a self-admitted failure, both as an actor, and as a lover. When he meets his old high school flame at a Romero film where they’re both […]