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Audiobook Review: THE SANTA ANNA GOLD by Michael Bunker (Narr. Alex Silver)

The Santa Anna Gold by Michael Bunker (Audible | Amazon) Narrated by Alex Silver Running time: 37 minutes Release Date:01-12-17 Publisher: Auspicious Apparatus Press Michael is certainly the one to write this story, and I’m glad he did. In real life, the author is an off the grid farmer who has one of the best […]

Review – 2015 John W. Campbell Nominee, Kary English

One of the best experiences of this year’s Hugo Awards could be discovering the writing of Kary English. The three short stories she has in her John W. Campbell nomination packet are all incredible. I don’t know that I’ll get to a profile like this for all the nominees, but I have a few I’d […]

“Cornhusker: Demon Gene,” My First Published Story

I’ve been listening to podcasts since before ebooks became a popular way of making money in publishing, and it almost feels like I’ve missed the boat waiting this long to get my first story out there. However, I’ve seen too many premature self-publishers to value catching a ride on the ebook ark more than waiting […]