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Celebrating as a New Author


I have been writing for about seven years. Often, this makes me feel like I deserve to skip the small steps of success and begin selling fifty, a hundred, or whatever thousand copies of the few stories I have out. Today I experienced two major milestones that must be celebrated, and they happened at the […]

Guest post at SF Signal on Problems Writing Fanfiction

I am by no means an expert fan fiction writer, but I did have to brainstorm for a bit to work through some initial hurdles to planning the five part story of Scavenger. Head over to my SF Signal post to see what my dilemmas and solutions were.

Why I want a sequel to NO RETURN by Zachary Jernigan

I recently reviewed NO RETURN, the debut novel from Zachary Jernigan. The short review for those on the fence is that Zachary has thrown down his gauntlet on this Fantasy, Space Opera mashup. His characterization was exceptional, and the combination of intriguing characters and a rich setting is why I’m championing for a sequel. If […]