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What books are Modern Day Fantasy?

What books would come to mind if someone asked you for modern day fantasy stories? Not Urban Fantasy, where the tropes are vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters battling witty detectives, leather clad woman with long knives, or hunks with crossbows. I’m talking about books that were inspired by epic fantasies like Dragonlance, mixed in with a love […]

Video unboxing of new Justin R. Macumber books #Fragile

I’ve been a fan of Justin R. Macumber from the early days of my resurrected writing efforts like nine years ago. His podcast, Dead Robots’ Society was a weekly inspiration for me. I enjoyed hearing Justin and his crew discuss the challenges of being an aspiring author, while also providing crucial advice on how to […]

Celebrating as a New Author

I have been writing for about seven years. Often, this makes me feel like I deserve to skip the small steps of success and begin selling fifty, a hundred, or whatever thousand copies of the few stories I have out. Today I experienced two major milestones that must be celebrated, and they happened at the […]

Researching to Write the Impossible

In the celebratory 200th episode of the Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast, Shaun played an old  intro sound bite from their Chris Roberson interview, “You should never start a creative endeavor that you’re not a little worried might be impossible” (AISFP 75 – Chris Roberson). He commented about how people would rip on that jazz […]

Author Spotlight: James Smythe

I recently had the pleasure of reading James Smythe‘s recently released novel, The Explorer, and interviewing him over at SF Signal. We’re making plans to get him on AudioTim, but for now, enjoy: My 5 star review of The Explorer My interview with James Smythe In short, The Explorer is the fastest book I’ve read […]

Why AudioTim is Back

I announced the conclusion of Season One back in July as a way for me to step back and evaluate how I was going to podcast in the future. A few things that I felt I did wrong were: The name of the show doesn’t reflect it’s genre fiction content The lack of growth in […]