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Video unboxing of new Justin R. Macumber books #Fragile

I’ve been a fan of Justin R. Macumber from the early days of my resurrected writing efforts like nine years ago. His podcast, Dead Robots’ Society was a weekly inspiration for me. I enjoyed hearing Justin and his crew discuss the challenges of being an aspiring author, while also providing crucial advice on how to […]

Celebrating as a New Author

I have been writing for about seven years. Often, this makes me feel like I deserve to skip the small steps of success and begin selling fifty, a hundred, or whatever thousand copies of the few stories I have out. Today I experienced two major milestones that must be celebrated, and they happened at the […]

Guest post at SF Signal on Problems Writing Fanfiction

I am by no means an expert fan fiction writer, but I did have to brainstorm for a bit to work through some initial hurdles to planning the five part story of Scavenger. Head over to my SF Signal post to see what my dilemmas and solutions were.