Audiobook Review: AGENT G: INFILTRATOR by C.T. Phipps (Narr. Jeffrey Kafer)

Agent G: Infiltrator UNABRIDGED By C. T. Phipps Narrated By Jeffrey Kafer Length: 6 hrs and 6 mins Release Date: 03-29-17 Publisher’s Summary In a world where virtually any death can be bought for the right price, follow the path of a high-tech assassin searching for answers to questions he shouldn’t be asking along with […]

Audiobook Review – AGE OF MYTH by Michael J. Sullivan (Narr. Tim Gerard Reynolds)

Age of Myth: Book One of The Legends of the First Empire Written by: Michael J. Sullivan Narrated by: Tim Gerard Reynolds Length: 16 hrs and 55 mins  Series: Legends of the First Empire, Book 1 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:06-28-16 Publisher: Recorded Books Publisher’s Summary: Since time immemorial, humans have worshipped the gods they call […]


Surviving the Evacuation, Book 2: Wasteland Written by: Frank Tayell Narrated by: Tim Bruce , Ruth Urquhart Length: 7 hrs and 22 mins  Series: Surviving the Evacuation, Book 2 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:08-14-15 Publisher: Frank Tayell I recently reviewed the first book in this series, London, and described it as ideal zombie fiction, for fans […]

Audiobook Review: SURVIVING THE EVACUATION, BOOK ONE: LONDON by Frank Tayell (Narr. Tim Bruce)

Surviving the Evacuation, Book 1: London Written by: Frank Tayell Narrated by: Tim Bruce Length: 7 hrs and 56 mins Series: Surviving the Evacuation, Book 1 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:06-22-15 Publisher: Frank Tayell One of my favorite reading experiences was discovering Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne. This was about seven years ago, and […]

Book Review – WAY DOWN DARK by J.P. Smythe

Way Down Dark by J.P. Smythe (The Australia Trilogy, Book One) Book Description: Seventeen-year-old Chan’s ancestors left a dying Earth hundreds of years ago, in search of a new home. Generations later, they are still searching . . . Every day aboard the interstellar transport ship Australia is a kind of hell, where no one […]

Audiobook Review: THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE by John Scalzi (Narr. Wil Wheaton)

The Collapsing Empire: The Interdependency, Book 1 Written by: John Scalzi Narrated by: Wil Wheaton Length: 9 hrs and 16 mins  Series: The Interdependency, Book 1 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:03-21-17 Publisher: Audible Studios Publisher’s Summary Our universe is ruled by physics, and faster-than-light travel is not possible – until the discovery of The Flow, an […]

Book Review: TIME LOOTER 1 by Fenton Cooper

This book is definitely not written by Michael Bunker and his off the rails humor side kick, Michael Forbes, oh wait, Forbes West. This is Fenton Cooper, and the book is Time Looter. I’m a big fan of Bunker and his serialized books Pennsylvania and Wick, and so far this has been just the kind […]

Audiobook Review: HELL DIVERS by Nicholas Sansbury Smith (Narr. R.C. Bray)

Written by: Nicholas Sansbury Smith Narrated by: R. C. Bray Length: 10 hrs and 11 mins  Series: The Hell Divers Trilogy, Book 1 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:07-19-16 Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc. Publisher’s Summary: An Audible Editor’s Pick of 2016 and An Audible Best of 2016 Science Fiction. More than two centuries after World War III […]

Favorite Part of Community

This Sunday while cooking breakfast, I turned on the 30 Minute Author Interviews podcast hosted by Preston Leigh of the website,, and listened to his Episode 43 interview with Michael Bunker and Forbes West. They are hosting a giveaway for signed copies of Brother, Frank by Michael Bunker and Nighthawks at the Mission by […]

Audiobook Review – THE GOD WAVE by Patrick Hemstreet (Narr. Nick Podehl)

The God Wave by Patrick Hemstreet Narrated by: Nick Podehl Length: 11 hrs and 14 mins  Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:05-17-16 Publisher: HarperAudio Synopsis: A team of neuroscientists uncover amazing new capabilities in the brain that may steer human evolution toward miraculous and deadly frontiers in this spectacular debut work of speculative science fiction—Limitless meets James […]