Rough Magick: Kenny Soward, Bringing Gnomes Back to Fantasy

Rough Magick

Tim Ward: Congrats on your first solo authored series, Kenny. GnomeSaga with those sweet covers and the simple fact that it’s GNOMES makes me excited to read it, and that coming from someone who has been burned out on Epic Fantasy for years. Kenny Soward: Thanks, Tim. Indeed, I can see where folks could get […]

Celebrating as a New Author


I have been writing for about seven years. Often, this makes me feel like I deserve to skip the small steps of success and begin selling fifty, a hundred, or whatever thousand copies of the few stories I have out. Today I experienced two major milestones that must be celebrated, and they happened at the […]

Guest post at SF Signal on Problems Writing Fanfiction

I am by no means an expert fan fiction writer, but I did have to brainstorm for a bit to work through some initial hurdles to planning the five part story of Scavenger. Head over to my SF Signal post to see what my dilemmas and solutions were.

Scavenger: New Cover and First 100 Reviewers Program

Three pieces of news to share on my current work in progress. Scavenger, The Series First, Scavenger is planned to expand into at least a five part series. The first part, now called Scavenger: Red Sands, is a twenty five page novelette. Scavenger: Blue Dawn, the second part, is four times as long. The rest […]

Scavenger Free Monday thru Wednesday

*The free deal is over, but my Hugh Howey fanfic novelette, Scavenger: Red Sands, is still only $.99 on Kindle (or free on Kindle Unlimited). Sold with permission from Hugh Howey, Scavenger takes place in the world of his novel, Sand, and could be described as Dune meets 24. The first installment is the first […]

Early Reviews for Scavenger and Writing Update

I’m a little in shock right now from one review in particular. Nick Cole, author of The Old Man and the Wasteland and the upcoming Soda Pop Soldier just gave my novelette, Scavenger, 5 Stars: “Ward crafts a thrilling tale of desolation, desperation and redemption after the world ends. I thoroughly enjoyed this tight little […]