Audiobook Review – WE ARE LEGION (WE ARE BOB) by Dennies E. Taylor (Narr. Ray Porter)

We Are Legion (We Are Bob): Bobiverse, Book 1 (Amazon) Written by: Dennis E. Taylor Narrated by: Ray Porter Length: 9 hrs and 30 mins Series: Bobiverse, Book 1 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:09-20-16 Publisher: Audible Studios Publisher’s Summary: Winner: Audible’s Best of 2016 – Science Fiction Bob Johansson has just sold his software company and […]

Audiobook Review – THE REMAINING: REFUGEES by D.J. Molles (Narr. Christian Rummel)

The Remaining: Refugees (Audible link) Written by: D. J. Molles Narrated by: Christian Rummel Length: 14 hrs and 3 mins  Series: The Remaining, Book 3 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:08-27-13 Publisher: Audible Studios Publisher’s Summary He has fought the fight, and run the race. But the enemies never stop coming, and the race has no finish […]

Audiobook Review – JOYLAND by Stephen King (Narr. Michael Kelly)

Joyland Written by: Stephen King Narrated by: Michael Kelly Length: 7 hrs and 33 mins  Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:06-04-13 Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio Publisher’s Summary “Joyland is a breathtaking, beautiful, heartbreaking book…. Even the most hardboiled readers will find themselves moved.” —Charles Ardai, Edgar- and Shamus Award-winning editor of Hard Case Crime. Set in […]

Audiobook Review – CTHULHU ARMAGEDDON by C.T. Phipps (Narr. Jeffrey Kafer)

Cthulhu Armageddon Written by: C. T. Phipps Narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer Length: 8 hrs and 30 mins  Series: Cthulhu Armageddon, Book 1 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:10-10-16 Publisher: Crossroad Press Publisher’s Summary Cthulhu Armageddon is the story of a world 100 years past the rise of the Old Ones which has been reduced to a giant […]

Audiobook Review: AGENT G: INFILTRATOR by C.T. Phipps (Narr. Jeffrey Kafer)

Agent G: Infiltrator UNABRIDGED By C. T. Phipps Narrated By Jeffrey Kafer Length: 6 hrs and 6 mins Release Date: 03-29-17 Publisher’s Summary In a world where virtually any death can be bought for the right price, follow the path of a high-tech assassin searching for answers to questions he shouldn’t be asking along with […]

Audiobook Review – AGE OF MYTH by Michael J. Sullivan (Narr. Tim Gerard Reynolds)

Age of Myth: Book One of The Legends of the First Empire Written by: Michael J. Sullivan Narrated by: Tim Gerard Reynolds Length: 16 hrs and 55 mins  Series: Legends of the First Empire, Book 1 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:06-28-16 Publisher: Recorded Books Publisher’s Summary: Since time immemorial, humans have worshipped the gods they call […]


Surviving the Evacuation, Book 2: Wasteland Written by: Frank Tayell Narrated by: Tim Bruce , Ruth Urquhart Length: 7 hrs and 22 mins  Series: Surviving the Evacuation, Book 2 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:08-14-15 Publisher: Frank Tayell I recently reviewed the first book in this series, London, and described it as ideal zombie fiction, for fans […]

Audiobook Review: SURVIVING THE EVACUATION, BOOK ONE: LONDON by Frank Tayell (Narr. Tim Bruce)

Surviving the Evacuation, Book 1: London Written by: Frank Tayell Narrated by: Tim Bruce Length: 7 hrs and 56 mins Series: Surviving the Evacuation, Book 1 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:06-22-15 Publisher: Frank Tayell One of my favorite reading experiences was discovering Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne. This was about seven years ago, and […]

Book Review – WAY DOWN DARK by J.P. Smythe

Way Down Dark by J.P. Smythe (The Australia Trilogy, Book One) Book Description: Seventeen-year-old Chan’s ancestors left a dying Earth hundreds of years ago, in search of a new home. Generations later, they are still searching . . . Every day aboard the interstellar transport ship Australia is a kind of hell, where no one […]

Audiobook Review: THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE by John Scalzi (Narr. Wil Wheaton)

The Collapsing Empire: The Interdependency, Book 1 Written by: John Scalzi Narrated by: Wil Wheaton Length: 9 hrs and 16 mins  Series: The Interdependency, Book 1 Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:03-21-17 Publisher: Audible Studios Publisher’s Summary Our universe is ruled by physics, and faster-than-light travel is not possible – until the discovery of The Flow, an […]