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TfP_e-cover_1200My story, “The Bomb in the President’s Bathroom” is my first printed sale and is now available in ebook and paperback in Tales from Pennsylvania, an Amish SciFi anthology set in Michael Bunker’s world of Pennsylvania.

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You can purchase signed copies for pickup or delivery at my online store, Spike Publishing.

My story, “The Bomb in the President’s Bathroom” is a race-against-time to escape a terrorist attack on the City. I was inspired by a picture in the paper about a mother kneeling to embrace her son at a ceremony greeting soldiers who have returned from war. My story is about the photographer who captures this moment, and how it inspires him to do what is right, against heavy odds.


cropped-Tims-two-covers-and-bio2.jpgI’m making a big push to serialize some novellas in Hugh Howey‘s Sand universe (with his permission). Scavenger: Red Sands (Scavenger # 1_ is out now for $.99 on Kindle. Part two, Blue Dawn, is four times as long for only $1.99. Scavenger is a scifi thriller set in a future America covered in desert. Divemaster Rush will need his sand diving skills but more so the faith of his wife to overcome a tyrant bent on using the secrets of a lost civilization to further decimate the remains of humanity.

You can read my story without have having read Sand, but I recommend you do both. I don’t mind if you read his masterpiece first, it is one of the best books I’ve read this year (Sand review).

So, what is Scavenger? It is about a sand diver who is grieving the loss of his son, and is given an opportunity to move on, but possibly in the wrong direction. The job he is offered could harden his heart enough to forget about his son, but it would also mean the final break between him and his estranged wife.

For me, this story is personal because I just had my first child. Scavenger gave me an emotional experience in writing that almost documents how I’ve grown as a human being since Kai was born, the new feelings I have as a father and husband. As a husband, I’m seeing how spouses can turn against each other when the baby creates tension. Coming from a broken home, my two biggest goals are being a great husband and father, but I also understand the temptation to push people away. I’m an introvert, and sometimes I form walls that exclude even those I love. Sometimes, I wonder if a worst case scenario is forming walls so thick that they become permanent, and in spite of my desire to have a joyful relationship with wife and child, I fail.

Scavenger is the story of someone on the verge of failure in that way.

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cornhusker cover i copyLast year, I published, “Cornhusker: Demon Gene” on Amazon Kindle. Thank you to Titus Welch, author of The Pneumadiluvians, for his cover art; to Lyndon Perry for his developmental edit (i.e. cut this in half); and Bryan Thomas Schmidt for his copy edit.

And here’s the story description:

Most High School Seniors feel like they have their whole lives to look forward to. Geoffrey has to pass “the age” before he’ll let himself look forward to anything. If he carries the Demon Gene, his reaching “the age” will result in his body becoming host to an ancient demon. Jessica Bell, the first girl he plans to ask out if he survives through graduation, asks him to lunch, and the thrill ride of his lifetime begins.

In the meantime, it’s back to work on draft five of my novel, Kaimerus, which I describe as, “Firefly crashes on Avatar and wakes up 28 Days Later.” Stay up to date on my progress through the blue meter on the sidebar to the right, or subscribe to my Amazon Author page (here).