Scavenger: Evolution

  • Some treasure hunters will never learn.

    In an effort to save his wife, sand diver Rush Stenson is blackmailed into uncovering a lost city and the power behind the apocalypse. If he doesn’t lock it back up, the wrong hands will use it to enslave what’s left of humanity.

    Inspired by the world created by Hugh Howey in his novel, Sand. Written and sold with his permission, the Sand Divers books are a stand alone duology loved by fans for its “breakneck pace…(and) under sand knife fight,” “great special effects,” and “endearing characters that kept me wanting for more”.

    This cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic thriller is an ideal fit for fans of Blake Crouch (Wayward Pines), Nicholas Sansbury Smith (Trackers), D.J. Molles (The Remaining), Nick Cole (The Old Man and the Wasteland) and Edward W. Robertson (Breakers).