Scavenger: Evolution

  • Book logo of Scavenger: Evolution (Scavenger: #1-3, Sand Divers Book One)
  • A compilation of Scavenger 1-3 (Red Sands, Blue Dawn and Twin Suns).

    In the future, sand divers search the depths for the lost city of Danvar and the truth behind their bleak existence. Divemaster Rush hasn’t dove since he lost his infant. A job offer turns from an escape to a trap and the lure of a hardened heart to survive like anyone else would. One dive leads to another. Farther and farther from the surface, death and evolution change his world. He’ll have to change too or watch his wife rise without him.

    Inspired by Hugh Howey’s world of Sand. Written and sold with his permission. Scavenger: Evolution takes the landscape of Dune and throws in the pacing and thrills of Alien.

    Now available in ebook and print from all major retailers. Signed copies available by selecting “direct from author” under the “buy book” button. Audiobook now available on Audible.