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Book Reviews and Podcasts Off-Site

I’ve been contributing a lot to the Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast and SF Signal as a book reviewer. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve delivered recently: SF SIGNAL Book Review: THE SHAMBLING GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY by Mur Lafferty SF SIGNAL Book Review: EXTINCTION POINT by Paul Antony Jones Adventures in SciFi […]

Researching to Write the Impossible

In the celebratory 200th episode of the Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast, Shaun played an old  intro sound bite from their Chris Roberson interview, “You should never start a creative endeavor that you’re not a little worried might be impossible” (AISFP 75 – Chris Roberson). He commented about how people would rip on that jazz […]

February Spec-fic-fetti

Welcome to a new monthly column I’m going to start here at, Spec-fic-fetti. Yes, it looks like spa-ghetti, but it represents the combination of Speculative Fiction and celebration associated with confetti to identify what will be a long post about all the cool people, websites, books, and podcasts that I found in that month. […]

Health, Cash, and More Podcasts!

Has anyone else noticed a lull in “writing” podcasts? Sure, there are plenty of shows out there, but I’ve been out of content for days. Enter my favorite show, Adventures In SciFi Publishing, and their plan for 2013 to put out three or more shows a week. I classified their show as a “writing” podcast, […]

Podcasting Solo: 20 Months in & 10 Suggestions for New Podcasters

As I approach episode 40 of my AudioTim podcast, I’m burdened by the need to share some observations from my 20 months of podcasting. First off, I started podcasting out of a love for the genre of writing podcasts and how they inspired me to write. After college, I felt an overwhelming sense of insecurity […]

AudioTim 30a: Robin Sullivan of Ridan Publishing on Amazon and IPG

The title of this episode could go on for a few more lines, but the current debate between Amazon and IPG is what led to our discussion. While some of you may be burnt out on this discussion, most of our discussion isn’t really on Amazon vs. IPG, but why this matters to you as […]

Managing My Podcast Platform

It is truly a blessing to have a foot in the writing podcast market, but with my ability to podcast comes the problem of having too many shows. My goal isn’t to be a podcaster, but to be an author. I podcast because I want to learn from other writers and heads in the field, […]