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Why AudioTim is Back

I announced the conclusion of Season One back in July as a way for me to step back and evaluate how I was going to podcast in the future. A few things that I felt I did wrong were: The name of the show doesn’t reflect it’s genre fiction content The lack of growth in […]

For the Love of Podcasting

In my Monday blog post, “Love vs. Consequence (And the Quirkiness In Between),” I asked you to reflect on how fear of consequence prevents you from doing what you love. Now, if you love fire, I’m not saying go start a fire. For me, this question tells me not to base how, if, and when […]

AudioTim 39: Jeffrey B. Burton, Author of The Chessman

I was first introduced to Mystery/Thriller author, Jeffrey B. Burton, through his magnificent short story, “A Building This Size,” from Evolved Publishing’s Evolution: Vol. 1 anthology. In fact, I was so impressed, I did a Saturday Spotlight about it. I’ve been excited ever since for his novel, The Chessman, to come out, and was blessed […]

My Future in Podcasting

I wrote a post last week, “Podcasting Solo: 20 Months in & 10 Suggestions for New Podcasters,” in which I shared some tough lessons learned podcasting AudioTim since October, 2010. I also said I’d make an announcement today regarding the future of AudioTim. (*Editor’s note: As of June, 9th, 2013’s, AISFP 209 – Zachary Jernigan […]

Podcasting Solo: 20 Months in & 10 Suggestions for New Podcasters

As I approach episode 40 of my AudioTim podcast, I’m burdened by the need to share some observations from my 20 months of podcasting. First off, I started podcasting out of a love for the genre of writing podcasts and how they inspired me to write. After college, I felt an overwhelming sense of insecurity […]

AudioTim 37: Matt Forbeck

Matt Forbeck, my second consecutive Angry Robot Books author on AudioTim, has been a freelance author and game designer since he graduated college, over 20 years ago. Since having quadruplets ten years ago, he is unfazed by anything life throws at him (save for the zombie apocalypse falling through his ceiling). This year he is […]

AudioTim 35: Robin Sullivan on Riyria Revelations’ Orbit Experience

Robin discusses her and Michael’s experience selling Riyria Revelations through Orbit after already having great success self-publishing through Ridan Publishing. It’s really a great study in how self-published authors can take their book to traditional publishers and have equal or greater success. All that said, I ask Robin what she thinks about going forward, and […]

AudioTim 34: Adventures in SciFi Publishing Interview

I turn the mics around on this episode and interview the podcast staff of Adventures in SciFi Publishing. We talk with Shaun about his history podcasting, including the ups and downs, and how building the 2.0 version with Moses Siregar III and Brent Bowen has rejuvenated my favorite author-interview podcast. Halfway through, I ask each […]

AudioTim 32: Hugh Howey, Author of Wool Omnibus

Welcome to the first part of two podcasts with Hugh Howey. In this first part, Hugh and I discuss his breakout series, Wool Omnibus. We take a few questions from readers off of Twitter, and even hear a little bit about his zombie story, I, Zombie. (Check out his video of reading an excerpt live.) […]