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SF Signal Book Review: Children of the Night by Dan Simmons

I reviewed this book over at SF Signal today. Here’s a sample: Children of the Night begins with a preface of the author’s first hand research visiting Romania and historical locations important to Dracula’s life, and the tragedy of that country’s orphan problem. The story begins with a team of Americans visiting Romania to investigate […]

Top 10 Reads of 2012

  There are a couple handfuls of good books I read in 2012 that deserve to be recognized, but here are my top ten. Judging the top three hurts my heart, because you could put them in any order and I’d be fine. It may be that their order is there based on order of […]

Book Review: SUMMER OF NIGHT by Dan Simmons

I first learned of Dan Simmons from his story “This Year’s Class Picture,” in the Living Dead anthology, and loved it so much I wrote a Saturday Spotlight about him and this story. One of the benefits of this blog series has been learning new writers to follow, and notice when I’m perusing spines at […]

Drooling Over My To Read Pile

First, I apologize for not posting a Saturday Spotlight this past weekend. It’s my first time missing it, and I’m sorry. I took my brother in law snowboarding and developed a massive headache afterwards that left me not wanting to do anything but drink water and stare at my laptop. I read a lot of […]

Saturday Spotlight: Dan Simmons

Some of you more well-read friends might be asking yourself, “Dan Simmons? Why don’t you give us the inside scoop on some guy named Stephen King? Or, oh, have you heard of Dune?” Okay, maybe he’s not that popular, but the more I research this guy, the more I’m surprised I’ve never heard of him. […]