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Book Review: Strangeness and Charm: Courts of the Feyre Vol. III by Mike Shevdon

Strangeness and Charm by Mike Shevdon My rating: 4 of 5 stars AudioTim 36: Mike Shevdon interview One perk to being part of the Angry Robot Army is I get access to eARC’s of their newest releases. After reading the … Continue reading

3rd Draft Complete and Book Release Day for Justin Macumber’s HAYWIRE

The son of a general shipwrecks a rogue mission on a planet housing a telepathic family, berserker soldiers, and his only way home places him in the middle of the chaos that ensues.

[Editor’s note: My podcast interview with Justin Macumber is now up. AudioTim Episode 29: Justin Macumber and his publisher, David Wood, discuss Justin’s debut SF novel, HAYWIRE] Today has been bittersweet for more than one reason, but I’m trying to … Continue reading

Podcast interview with Terri Blackstock and $500 giveaway

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Terri Blackstock for the Holy Worlds Podcast regarding her recent release of Downfall, the third and final book in her Intervention Series. I was touched by her humility and a little convicted. She … Continue reading

Review and Ebook Giveaway of Forgive Me, Alex by Lane Diamond

Forgive Me, Alex by Lane Diamond My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book is gruesome and emotional right out of the gate. The main character, Tony, goes through some monumental losses throughout the story. These aren’t the kind of … Continue reading