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Coffin Hop Stop #4: Dana Bell

For today’s Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour interview, I have another author from the upcoming Monsters! anthology. Dana sharpened her chops writing fanfic from popular shows like Stargate SG-1 and Firefly, and her novel Winter Awakening is a product six years in the making, with five short stories in various anthologies supplementing the same post […]

Book Review: Strangeness and Charm: Courts of the Feyre Vol. III by Mike Shevdon

Strangeness and Charm by Mike Shevdon My rating: 4 of 5 stars AudioTim 36: Mike Shevdon interview One perk to being part of the Angry Robot Army is I get access to eARC’s of their newest releases. After reading the first two books in Mike’s Courts of the Feyre series (Sixty-One Nails and The Road […]

Book Review: Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey

***Congratulations to Hugh on his Simon and Schuster deal to bring WOOL to US bookstores. Pre-Order for the March 12 release in hardback.*** Listen to Hugh Howey discuss WOOL OMNIBUS spoiler free (AudioTim 32), as well as how he became an overnight indie author success story (AudioTim 33). I’ve had moments as a book reviewer […]

3rd Draft Complete and Book Release Day for Justin Macumber’s HAYWIRE

The son of a general shipwrecks a rogue mission on a planet housing a telepathic family, berserker soldiers, and his only way home places him in the middle of the chaos that ensues.

[Editor’s note: My podcast interview with Justin Macumber is now up. AudioTim Episode 29: Justin Macumber and his publisher, David Wood, discuss Justin’s debut SF novel, HAYWIRE] Today has been bittersweet for more than one reason, but I’m trying to focus on the sweet, so here’s the good news: I finished the 3rd Draft of […]

Podcast interview with Terri Blackstock and $500 giveaway

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Terri Blackstock for the Holy Worlds Podcast regarding her recent release of Downfall, the third and final book in her Intervention Series. I was touched by her humility and a little convicted. She encouraged me not to care how many people I write for, saying that she’d be […]

Review and Ebook Giveaway of Forgive Me, Alex by Lane Diamond

Forgive Me, Alex by Lane Diamond My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book is gruesome and emotional right out of the gate. The main character, Tony, goes through some monumental losses throughout the story. These aren’t the kind of losses that you can just blow off as insignificant because Lane’s writing makes you really […]

12 Days of Creepfest: What are you researching?

Between writing today, I read some of Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne. I’m thinking about making one of my next writing projects a journal entry style, and wanted to see how J.L. did it. His is one of my favorite zombie stories, and I wanted to see how the journal format was a […]

Saturday Spotlight: Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan

Looking for a book to savor, characters to love, and an adventure that keeps getting better? I am, always, and found that in Michael’s book, Theft of Swords. With my to be read list as long as it is, fitting an epic fantasy into the schedule requires a story and writing that will entertain me, […]