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Book Review: BLACKOUT by Tim Curran (DarkFuse)


Blackout by Tim Curran Publisher: DarkFuse, 2014. 234 Pages. Book Description: In the midst of a beautiful summer, in a perfectly American suburban middle-class neighborhood, a faraway evil is lurking, waiting to strike the unsuspecting residents. First come the flashing lights, then the heavy rains, high winds, and finally a total blackout. But that’s only […]

Audiobook Review: Yesterday’s Gone, Season One by Platt & Wright

Yesterdays Gone Season 1

Yesterday’s Gone, Season One by Platt & Wright (Free for a limited time) I’m a huge fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, but am so often disappointed with survival scenarios that involve characters I could care less about. I love that Platt and Wright cast a wide net of characters that are so engaging, with killer cliffhangers […]

The Red King (Apocalypse Weird #1) by Nick Cole

The Red King

The Red King (Apocalypse Weird #1) by Nick Cole provides a fresh experience in a stale market of post-apocalyptic zombie fiction. Cole’s writing is top-notch, from intense action to exquisite details of the world and most importantly characters that make you want to keep reading. Holiday is a barista who uses alcohol to cope with […]

“Cornhusker: Demon Gene,” My First Published Story

I’ve been listening to podcasts since before ebooks became a popular way of making money in publishing, and it almost feels like I’ve missed the boat waiting this long to get my first story out there. However, I’ve seen too many premature self-publishers to value catching a ride on the ebook ark more than waiting […]

AudioTim 45: Supernatural Horror and Zombie Author, Mark Tufo

Welcome to the latest edition of AudioTim, where I get to ask self-published success story, Mark Tufo about his stories and writing career. I will be giving away his latest novel, Callis Rose. All you have to do to enter is share some love on Twitter or Facebook, including my handle @timothycward, or tagging me […]

Looking Forward to 2013: As a Reader

As an aspiring author, I feel awful saying this, but as I plot out the books I want to read in 2013, there isn’t much room for new authors. This is one reason I’m taking my time on my debut novel, Kaimerus, because if I don’t have time to endure mediocrity, neither do you. I […]