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AudioTim 42: Chicon 7 Panel “Write What You Don’t Know”

My first panel recorded from World Science Fiction Convention #70, Chicon 7, is, “Write What You Don’t Know.” Stay connected for future podcasts on the AudioTim page, or subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher Radio. In two weeks, Tom King, author of A ONCE CROWDED SKY, will be my guest, and in four weeks, I’ll […]

AudioTim 41: Ramez Naam, author of SF Thriller, NEXUS

It’s good to be back. Two qualifications for guests in Season Two of audioTim: I enjoy their book and am excited about the conversation. Both were true of Ramez Naam and his debut fiction novel, Nexus, to be released December 18th from Angry Robot Books. I’m editing my Science Fiction novel, and loved Ramez’s book […]

Coffin Hop Stop #6: Thomas Smith

Welcome to interview six from this channel of the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour. Thomas Smith is described as, “…one of those outstanding Southern writers – seemingly soft, languid, maybe even lazy, when actually what he is, is cotton wrapped about a razor. Half the time you don’t even know he’s gotten you until it’s […]

Tripart Announcement: My first published story, Monsters! Anthology and Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour


I sent in my first contract and final draft of what will be my first published story, “Cornhusker: Demon Gene,” to A Flame in the Dark Magazine, to be published in their Monsters! Anthology, October 31st. The behind the scenes story for this first publication credit is a fun one. When I heard about this […]

AudioTim 39: Jeffrey B. Burton, Author of The Chessman

I was first introduced to Mystery/Thriller author, Jeffrey B. Burton, through his magnificent short story, “A Building This Size,” from Evolved Publishing’s Evolution: Vol. 1 anthology. In fact, I was so impressed, I did a Saturday Spotlight about it. I’ve been excited ever since for his novel, The Chessman, to come out, and was blessed […]

AudioTim 37: Matt Forbeck

Matt Forbeck, my second consecutive Angry Robot Books author on AudioTim, has been a freelance author and game designer since he graduated college, over 20 years ago. Since having quadruplets ten years ago, he is unfazed by anything life throws at him (save for the zombie apocalypse falling through his ceiling). This year he is […]

AudioTim Snippet: Mike Shevdon on Excitement of Urban Fantasy

While editing my podcast interview with Mike Shevdon (to be released this Wednesday, 5/23), I came across this three minute gem that really encapsulates my recent fascination with not just Urban Fantasy, but Mike’s Courts of the Feyre series. The next week is going to focus on his upcoming release of Strangeness and Charm: The […]