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Why AudioTim is Back

I announced the conclusion of Season One back in July as a way for me to step back and evaluate how I was going to podcast in the future. A few things that I felt I did wrong were: The name of the show doesn’t reflect it’s genre fiction content The lack of growth in […]

For the Love of Podcasting

In my Monday blog post, “Love vs. Consequence (And the Quirkiness In Between),” I asked you to reflect on how fear of consequence prevents you from doing what you love. Now, if you love fire, I’m not saying go start a fire. For me, this question tells me not to base how, if, and when […]

My Future in Podcasting

I wrote a post last week, “Podcasting Solo: 20 Months in & 10 Suggestions for New Podcasters,” in which I shared some tough lessons learned podcasting AudioTim since October, 2010. I also said I’d make an announcement today regarding the future of AudioTim. (*Editor’s note: As of June, 9th, 2013’s, AISFP 209 – Zachary Jernigan […]

Podcasting Solo: 20 Months in & 10 Suggestions for New Podcasters

As I approach episode 40 of my AudioTim podcast, I’m burdened by the need to share some observations from my 20 months of podcasting. First off, I started podcasting out of a love for the genre of writing podcasts and how they inspired me to write. After college, I felt an overwhelming sense of insecurity […]

State of my Writing, Podcast, and Website

I’d say that January was a big month for me and my writing, but then, so too has the last six months dating to when I started my mentorship program at Team PYP. I chronicle most of my writing updates on my New Authors Fellowship posts every Tuesday morning. Click (here) to see the list […]

AudioTim 17: Michell Plested of Get Published Podcast


Today’s Saturday Spotlight is going to combine with my newest AudioTim episode as a Podcasting Spotlight. If you’re looking for some five-star fiction, I just posted my review of One Buck Horror:Volume Four, which has at least two five-star short stories, and two more that are a real close four-star. In this episode of AudioTim, […]