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Health, Cash, and More Podcasts!

Has anyone else noticed a lull in “writing” podcasts? Sure, there are plenty of shows out there, but I’ve been out of content for days. Enter my favorite show, Adventures In SciFi Publishing, and their plan for 2013 to put … Continue reading

Matching Podcast Length with Audience Preference

Everything about this picture makes me impatient, including the word "Loading."

One of the benefits to listening to podcasts is the freedom to listen on your time schedule. iTunes saves your progress (unless you accidentally touch the forward arrows), so that you can pick up where you left off at your … Continue reading

AudioTim 28: Roundtable Podcast Brainstorms Zombie Novel

Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey of the brand-spankin new Roundtable Podcast are back at it again. Well, we never really stopped, but with the magic of editing it sounds that way. This is the second hour of our interview, and … Continue reading