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Top 10 Reads of 2012

  There are a couple handfuls of good books I read in 2012 that deserve to be recognized, but here are my top ten. Judging the top three hurts my heart, because you could put them in any order and I’d be fine. It may be that their order is there based on order of […]

Book Review: Chimera by T.C. McCarthy

Chimera by T.C. McCarthy My rating: 4 of 5 stars I finished this book a few months ago, but have been sitting on this review because I have such mixed feelings about it. I settled on 4 stars because it is written just as well as the other books in the series, but where this […]

Book Review: Exogene (Book Two in the Subterrene War Trilogy) by T.C. McCarthy

Exogene by T.C. McCarthy My rating: 5 of 5 stars Reading T.C.’s Subterrene War Trilogy has been an interesting and memorable experience. The first book, Germline, blew me out of the water (my five star review). I’ve never read a book like that, and loved the personal connection I had to the main character’s journey. […]

Video Interview: Unrelenting Plot with Moses Siregar III, author of The Black God’s War

Moses Siregar III, author of The Black God’s War, kept me in my chair reading for like twelve hours straight to finish his book. In this second part of my video interview, I ask him about his approach to pacing that was so successful in capturing an entire Saturday.  You can view all of the […]

Check out me and T.C. McCarthy on the SF Signal Podcast

Today, SF Signal posted a guest interview where I talked to T.C. McCarthy about his awesome Subterrene War series. SF Signal #140: Timothy C. Ward Interviews T.C. McCarthy is now live. As you may know, I love podcasting. Hearing how-to advice from pros and their success stories has been like having my own life coach. […]