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The darkness in my fiction

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I’m over at New Authors Fellowship discussing the reaction to the setting at the beginning of my novel, Scavenger: Evolution, taking place in a brothel. For some, this is no big deal, and the post goes on beyond that to share the heart of my hero’s struggle. He has lost his son and cannot face […]

AudioTim 48: New Authors Fellowship April Writing Update

I’m mixing things up a little from my normal schedule on AudioTim. First, I’ve donated the last three panels from Chicon 7 to Adventures in SciFi Publishing. “Disaster Response in Science Fiction” will post shortly. I’m giving them more shows than those three, so I’m not sure when the next episode will hit this feed. […]

AudioTim 46: Chicon 7 Panel “Quantum Physics Meets Magical Realism”

Welcome to a recording of the World Science Fiction Convention, Chicon 7, panel, “Quantum Physics Meets Magical Realism:“ The way in which Quantum Physics describes the universe seems more and more to enter the realm of the fantastic. Where does reality end and fantasy begin? Tim Stoffel, Mr. Magic Realism/Bruce Taylor, Catherynne Valente Previous Episodes: […]

AudioTim 44: Chicon 7 Panel “Conquering Writer’s Block”

Welcome to another recording from World Science Fiction Convention #70, Chicon 7: “Conquering Writer’s Block.” Has your story fizzled out or hit a wall before completion? There are common reasons for this, and common solutions which work for most writers. Pros discuss their tips and tricks for getting a story back on track. Russell Davis, […]

Why AudioTim is Back

I announced the conclusion of Season One back in July as a way for me to step back and evaluate how I was going to podcast in the future. A few things that I felt I did wrong were: The name of the show doesn’t reflect it’s genre fiction content The lack of growth in […]

AudioTim 40: Karina Fabian, Author of Live and Let Fly

Karina is an old friend of the show (guest of episodes 12 and 15 ), and is back for the last episode of AudioTim Season One. I’m going to take a break after this episode to build and plot what I’m going to do next, and even see if the right person or group comes […]

Anthologies and Ezines: Should Writers Submit?

Just using the word “submit” ignites my defensive nature to say “I will never submit! I am He-Man Writer. I am master of my universe!” However, self-perception often is too biased to recognize when the sword we think we are pointing in the air is really just an uncooked hot dog. Sometimes there is benefit […]

AudioTim 37: Matt Forbeck

Matt Forbeck, my second consecutive Angry Robot Books author on AudioTim, has been a freelance author and game designer since he graduated college, over 20 years ago. Since having quadruplets ten years ago, he is unfazed by anything life throws at him (save for the zombie apocalypse falling through his ceiling). This year he is […]

Perseverance, Confidence and Dreams


The past few days have been very exciting. Last night, my editor, C.L. Dyck, sent me a short email saying she immediately fell in love with my novel. Whether it was the fact that I was on hour seventeen of a crazy work day, or that I’ve been worried that she was going to tell […]