Works in Progress

Current Writing Projects:

I’m 2/3’s through edits on my novel, Order After Dark, a Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy set in the rift between Iowa and the Abyss. Once I send that off to either an editor or a publisher, I’ll see about picking up where I left off in my recently released novelette, Scavenger, set in the world of Hugh Howey’s SAND.

Everything below here are stories that either need rewritten or are simply trunked:

Small Town Scourge: (Draft 1)

  • 43607 / 70000 words. 62% done!

Small Town Scourge: Part II – Picking up where Part I (submitted to anthology) left off. Still contemplating how or when to connect this to Fraternal Scourge, but enjoying the development of this series.

  • Fraternal Scourge (Draft 2)

    31308 / 60000 words. 52% done!

Fraternal Scourge – (31k) – Six months ago, Steve cheated on his girlfriend. Mary didn’t break up with him, but never really let it go. A zombie outbreak in their college campus separates them, leaving him with an attractive female, and a relic related to the outbreak. Mary is the key to stopping him from making things worse, but will he still be interested when they meet again? If Part I ended at 19k, this could either become my next novel, or be serialized like Hugh Howey did with Wool. Part II made Mary POV, and ended at 33k. Part III will be the reconciling of Steve, Mary, and the forces of the evil that seek to control them. (For an interesting discussion on my internal debate of what type of POV to use for this story, check out my NAF post “Questioning Use of Multiple Person POV.”)

Short Fiction In Submission Queues:

The Other Side – Short Story 3.5k- It’s a Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic story about a hitman lured out of retirement, into an abandoned New York subway station, and discovers “the other side” is his worst nightmare come to life. – Earned “Honorable Mention” in Writers of the Future contest.

Small Town Scourge: A Deals with the Dead Novelette- Novelette 10k – A former youth pastor, mired in a 3rd shift security job, is attacked by the town tycoon. When neither his wife, nor the police believe him, he is tempted to fight the outbreak by himself, using an relic dropped by the undead tycoon and his knowledge of Hebrew.
Accepted into zombie anthology for next fall.

Scouting for More
– Flash Fiction 1k – Two cub scouts went into the woods on a dare. Sometimes survival is not the right option. This is the beginning of one thread in my Deals with the Dead series, of which, Small Town Scourge is also a part.

To Drug a Princess – Flash Fiction 1k – A stable boy laces apples from his father’s orchard with an addictive party drug. When the Prince brings the Princess to join the party, courage in the face of defeat will be needed.

Rejected, waiting for promised critique:

Lost Laughter – Short Story 6k – Sebastian woke up in the woods three days ago with no memories. In a nearby motel, memories start occurring of a familiar woman. One motel occupant takes him out into the middle of a storm to meet the Litterbug. Sebastian’s arrival cost him a dear friend, now Sebastian must face his past, or be stuck in the Kingdom of Nothing, forever. Rejected by anthology, but critique offered.

New Order – Short Story 4.5k – It’s a Fantasy with a little Horror about an OCD spiritualist who has to stop a corrupted apprentice from turning the city into blood thirsty chaotics.

Trunked Projects:

Kaimerus Deception – Novel (currently 115k) -The son of a general shipwrecks a rogue mission on a planet housing a telepathic family, berserker soldiers, and his only way home places him in the middle of the ensuing chaos. In short, it’s Firefly crashes on Avatar and wakes up 28 Days Later. My editor, C.L. Dyck, provided a substantive edit and I’ve rewritten the next draft. A hopefully quick polish should be completed by mid July, and then I’ll send it off to beta readers. My dream publishers to land this book with are Orbit and Angry Robot Books.

Concept Cover

Back Cover Blurb – Stranded on a planet with telepaths and a large colony of future slaves, Yuman Re is offered the role of General over the colony or wallow in prison. Choosing the role of General reveals dark secrets and sets the rebels hunting for his head. Stopping the man in power could cost Yuman his freedom, sanity, or even his life. But if he doesn’t, the whole colony might be swept away at the hands of an evil tyrant.

Crystal Vendetta – Short story 7.5k- A young man exiled from a secluded paradise tries to get back only to realize going back may bring about its destruction. The company he keeps to return home feeds his lust for revenge, even offering to share their life-sucking powers if he will help them slaughter the people who exiled him. This young man must decide what path to take before it’s too late and they are on the other side. – This story was rejected and I need to polish it before sending it back out. This was written prior to my Team PYP mentorship program and I’ve learned a ton since.

The Tsadakeen – Novel 115k – This was my first novel, a fantasy about a genetic biologist discovering a magical scepter and his confused alliance between humans and the invading hybrids. When I realized this book needed rewritten, I focused on my second novel, Kaimerus Deception. I’ve done a lot of world building and could return to this as my Fantasy series.

In A Gadda Da Revolucion! – Short Story 2k for Mad Scientist Anthology – Too closely written for the anthology to be re-sent. In a world dependent on cell phones and online networks, what would happen if hypnosis could be spread through subliminal messages on your phone or internet? What if the person behind it just wanted people to be happy doing what they want to do? What about those who would wish harm upon others–like mad scientists? He has something special for them….